Spot A: Planeview Park

Gear Needed: RWY 4 arrivals 18-70mm, RWY 4 departures 30-150mm, RWY 22 departures 18mm-400mm

Light: Great light from sunrise until noon. Starts to become toplit and backlit shortly after noon.

Spot B: Gulf Gas Station

Gear Needed: 300-400mm 

Light: Good from around 11am until sunset. Note, late evening light can result in a dark shadow on the nose of the plane because of tail light. 

Spot C: Worlds Fair Marina

Gear Needed: 200-400mm 

Light: Great light from about 11am all the way until sunset.

Spot D: Clason Point

Gear Needed: 300-400mm

Light: Mornings all year for 22 arrivals.

Spot E: Soundview Park

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